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Changed my mind,
Don't repost my art.

Hey all so I’m finally starting to dwindle down on my queue but I need a little rejuvenation in between since the rest I have which is a large ref sheet, some fullbody dragon designs + their riders, a bunch of snakes and a detailed YCH piece to do. (aka all pretty big pieces)

Tonight I just want to watch some anime (From The New World) and relax a bit so I’m going to take a few pywy commissions! 

Basically you’ll name how much you’d like to pay and I’ll draw you something that’s worth the amount you pay ( or better if I feel like being a little nice :3c ), 

Just comment with the amount and your character, and if it’s over $20 you can have the option of getting something nsfw! (please mention if you are wanting sfw/nsfw if your donation is over $20)

Minimum is $3! Either send me an ask if you’re interested or email me at!!

Thank you!