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[Commission Queue]


Changed my mind,
Don't repost my art.

rapter33 whispered : do u plan on opening commissions again and if so when???


But for real, I usually make posts. I’m open for PWYW (pay what you want) commissions rn, I just haven’t bothered to change my side description thingy since I tend to flip flop on availability.

Just note that I’m currently a lottttt slower than I usually am as I just settled into my new apartment, don’t have internet yet and about to start art school in like a week and a half.

Alright so as you may or may not have seen, no internet today either ;;
I’m currently finishing up some commissions/ych pieces while my net is down but I need to get back to making money as being in Cali is…painfully expensive.
Headshot sketches didn’t seem to interest anyone, so doing pwyw again. :’D

Just offer how much you’d like to pay, with a ref to your OC - and if you want something chibi or regular styled.
aka this form:

How much you’d like to pay:
Suggestions: (if you have something you’d particularly like - i.e. bust, sketch, icon, whatever - I still have the freedom to do what I feel is worth the amount but this let’s me know what you’re wanting)

Nsfw may be requested on donations over $20

Unlimited until I feel like dying lmao.

If I don’t have internet set up by tomorrow I’ll run over to starbucks with my lappy this weekend so I can get the pieces out to you guys. ;;

I’m having a hard time linking examples from my phone but you can dig around my blog, most of my recent pieces were pwyw.

Note me the form or email me at!

I’ll still probably do pwyw comm tonight anyway. I’ll just have to drop by Starbucks tomorrow so I can send the pieces off ;;

Nvm no internet tonight ): AT&T shitting on us as per usual