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Changed my mind,
Don't repost my art.

Since not all my followers here follow me over at FA, I’d like to point out a few rules with these guys as they are a closed species! Here are some ways you can get your own:

  • I will except art trades in exchange for customs ( *I have the right to choose who I wish to do a trade with, I won’t do these with just anyone )
  • You can pay a $20 fee to make your own but it must be confirmed and accepted by me first before use.
  • You can pay $35 for a custom from me, on base - you’ll get both the chibi anthro and tadpole versions of your kaeroki.
  • Every other week on my FA account I will hold a raffle for two free premade kaerokis. - This will be held on the first and third saturday of every month
  • My usual premades are $20 - I will post them often on my FA but you can also claim on tumblr if they haven’t been taken yet.
  • Friends may make their own, but must have the design accepted by me - they may not sell theirs unless they have paid the MYO price.

The reason I chose to make this species closed as while I really dislike the exclusiveness of closed species, I really want to keep these guys special and also be able to have quality control over their designs. My crowkii and barghest are already an open species, so I’d really just like to have one closed and see how it goes! ; o ; 

Anonymous whispered : what are asking for that new species?

Are you asking what the asking price is for these guys?

Premades are $20 - customs are $35 (not open for customs right now)